Full Cover Band

The four-piece cover band offers everything you want in a band. All members are talented, experienced musicians who know how to entertain. The songs, ranging from current hits to all time classics, are carefully chosen to suit the atmosphere of the night.

With dual lead singers, this band is extremely diverse and adaptable to any situation. Clients can also have the option of mixing the solo or duo options into your evening depending on your formalities during the night. No matter what option you choose, these guys will make your event a memorable one.


Joel Everard (vocals/guitar); Jake Cowburn (vocals/bass)  Matt Szkup (guitar/vocals); Brad Vince (drums)


Full Cover Band - The Unplugged Version

That's right folks...! All the big songs are now available raw and unplugged. This is the perfect option for clients who want the feel of a full band but still want a comfortable, relaxed and more intimate atmosphere

This acoustic version of the band separates them from others by showing their diversity and ability to perform some of the greatest songs of all time with a bright, clear sound, smooth bass and beautiful harmonies. 


Joel Everard (vocals/guitar); Jake Cowburn (vocals/bass)  Matt Szkup (guitar/vocals); Brad Vince (drums)